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Postcard front son of man

2015 has been off to a great start at Harts Hill Baptist Church!

On the first Sunday of the year, Pastor put forth a new theme and vision for our church in the New Year. “Even so must the Son of man be lifted up” from John 3:14. It is our desire to magnify the Lord, through our church and in our personal lives. Pastor invited all in attendance to lift up the Lord the their own lives, and recommit themselves to serving Christ.

As a follow up to those who are willing to give their time and effort in serving in various church ministries, Pastor conducted a Teachers and Worker’s Meeting to review procedures and gather ideas about improvements around the church facilities.

January 1 was the date for our tradition of ice skating at the Whitestown Ice Rink! Lots of the church family came out for the fun and exercise. See some photos on our facebook page!

Next up is another winter time tradition: Sledding! Pastor will bring a giant thermos of hot chocolate and everyone brings their own sled or tube. We have a blast, try not to get hurt and enjoy the wintry wonderland we live in!

Upcoming events:

Sweetheart’s Banquet on Feb 20 and a special Nursery Volunteer’s Luncheon on March 14.

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